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Streema is the easiest way to listen to your favorite radio stations on the web. When the three of us (Richard, JT, and Martin) got started with this, we believed that tuning in to your favorite stations should be easy, fast, and fun. With Streema, you can search and organize your favorite stations with just a few clicks in an intuitive web-based platform.

We have also launched Simple Radio for iOS and Simple Radio for Android to bring this same simplicity to mobile phones. The result is radio tuning as simple as it should be, and today, more than 10 million users connect to radio via our platform every month!

Now, this could be all you need from Streema, but we encourage you to also discover new radio stations through our directory and even the general Streema community. There's a world of stations out there, ready to be explored!

Also, stay tuned as we'll be working on other ways to help people listen to their favorite radio stations, expanding into other platforms. Looks like 2020 will be a very exciting year!

Please share your thoughts and suggestions on how to make the Streema website and our Simple Radio application more useful. We're here to help improve your radio listening experience. :)

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More About Us

In case you want to record a radio program, since we don't offer that service, please refer to the following list of options on About.com: Audio Recording Software for Online Radio Stations and Audio Sources

Note: for radio-related services we don't provide, check out the section concerning streaming services, radio directory services, and music playlist services.

Contact Us

If you want to get in touch, please use our Contact Form.

More About Radio

How big is broadcast radio? For starters, there are over 230 million radio listeners that tune in to "On Air" radio every week just in the United States. There's also an estimated 27 million US listeners tuning in to these same radio stations via the web on a weekly basis, a number that has more than doubled in the last five years and is poised to continue growing.

The pain for many of these radio listeners is that station websites and live streams are sometimes hard to find and great new radio stations are even harder to discover. There is currently no solution available for listeners to see which stations their friends - or similar minded people - are listening to, nor a good way to rank the tens of thousands of free music, news, and talk radio stations out there.

"The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?"

That's what David Sarnoff had to hear from his business associates in response to his urgings for investment in radio back in the 1920s. Hopefully, Streema and radio listeners together (that means you!) will surf the next wave and prove once again that the prediction above was a bad one. :)

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